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All Heroes Deserve a Life After Service

Joseph Coupal - Monday, November 06, 2017

McMullen Group, Hanover, MAServing others is the most humble and noble career any of us can decide to take on. Many of us work in some form of service – but a select few serve with a level of sacrifice attached to it. These are our heroes. If you are reading this, you are likely one of these heroes or are closely related to one. For this, we cannot possibly thank you enough.


For us, heroes are those who sacrifice so much to give back through their chosen career, most notably a bigger and well-earned paycheck, in order to serve our families, communities and country every day. We recognize teachers, EMS, firefighters, law-enforcement, military, and healthcare professionals for all they have done to make our country better and keep us safe. Your service is appreciated so much more than what you are compensated for.

This is the idea behind Homes for Heroes. The least we can do for our heroes is provide the resources and services to help our heroes stretch their dollars. Also, considering that many in these professions are not physically able to work as long as others in less demanding fields, heroes deserve a life after service. This is why I work closely with many heroes- to make sure they are prepared financially when they need to be physically.


Even as our heroes love what they do to serve their fellow citizens and communities, even those with the biggest hearts know the time will come when they just can’t give any more. Our best and brightest who serve, know that they want to give 100 percent of themselves to their communities every day. But there is a chance that one day, you’ll realize that you just can’t give it all they have anymore. You will know it’s time to retire and move into a new chapter.

It is important to know ahead of time what that next chapter looks like. Those who fight for our freedom, our safety and our education are true heroes, and it is our job to help them make the most of your modest salaries and make a promising future for you and/or your families. While many in public service are given great workplace benefits, increasingly governments have come strained and are shifting responsibility to the individual. Now more than ever, working with a Financial Advisor to create a strategy to the next chapter is critical.


After watching many of my own family members sacrifice so much, including a quality retirement, I consider it a true privilege to help our heroes prepare for success in the next chapter. From life insurance, retirement accounts and college-savings plans to overall financial strategizing, serving those of you who serve us is a great honor.

I am also here to present advice on managing money, sticking to a budget and being able to save and invest so you and your family can achieve your goals. Whether it’s carrying on an estate to loved ones left behind, or to enabling you to live the life you want when you retire from service, we on the Homes for Heroes team have the resources and expertise to serve you by providing the tools you need to live the life you need now and have the life you want later.

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